Hey there! My name is Natalie Daniel and I was born in Coventry England, moving to Ontario Canada when I was

 just 8 years old.

I'm a Trauma & Attachment Practitioner who helps families who have adopted children, with a burning passion to 

help people live the life they envision for themselves....which has opened up a path for me to help people make money online.

I have been doing affiliate marketing since 2020. 

It all started when I found a facebook group all about marketing strategies.

I started a free blogging course and jumped right in!! that helped me earn my first $100 online in the first month.

Now that I had a taste and knew the strategies worked, I knew I had to share them with others.

I started sharing what I was doing, the mini courses I was taking, the strategies I was using and my success grew.

I started using facebook and in a short time I was getting 100s of comments on my posts. My visibility and tribe grew as I shared strategies that worked.

I learned the facebook algorithm and decided I wanted to start growing on other social platforms to reach those that preferred video over text. 

So next I started my tiktok and youtube channels.

The strategy allowed me to earn my way onto leader boards and helping over 100 people

With the working social media plan, things have continued to grow each month which led to the my sharing more and more tools and courses that 

I've found value in. 

With the birth of Natalie's Circle the hub where information can be stored in a place that's easy for folks to find it when needed. 

I started reviewing and writing about my favorite marketing tools...only to be hacked by and recreated it better and stronger for all my followers. 

Here you'll be able to read about tools I've used, as well as courses or programs and even the course creators themselves. 

Each course creator is unique and followed for a reason. 

One of my favourites is Spencer Mecham, which you can read about here

How have I succeeded?

I would say because I’m determined, kind, humble, and a critical thinker.

But honestly making money online is something that isn't rocket science, it's relationship building.

I’m just always looking to learn, soak in information, and ready to help the next guy out.

And I want to help you too.

Natalie Daniel, Mom of 4